Fabric Calculator

To use our fabric calculator, simply enter the width of your track or pole, the finished length of your curtain drop (click here) for detailed instructions on how to measure for this) and the pattern repeat of your chosen fabric (which can be found in the fabric's description).

Please be aware that this calculator is only a guide for fabric amounts but is calculated as we do in store. For fabric widths we round up from 0.3 of a width to allow for a good fullness in your finished curtains, however this might not be necessary for dress curtains.

All metre values are rounded up to the nearest metre to ensure that you will have enough fabric for your project.

If you would like a breakdown of the values or have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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To use our calculator, you will need:

The width of your track or pole:

The finished length of your curtains/blinds:

The pattern repeat of the chosen fabric:

Please select a heading type:

Our calculator automatically adds 30cm (12") for herms & headers and rounds up to the nearest metre.


Fabric Required

Main fabric: 0 metres

Lining fabric: 0 metres

Header tape: 0 metres

Fabric Calculator

Fabric Calculator


Our haberdashery department is stocked with Dylon dyes in hand dye and machine dye pod format. Both work best with natural fibres for an even finish and vibrant colour up take. Dylon’s new machine dye pods take all the hassle out of dying your fabric as there is no need to add salt to the mix, just place your fabric and pod in the machine and set it to go.

Suitable for both interiors and dressmaking fabrics with a natural fibre content, we always suggest a test batch if you are unsure how it will take.

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