What’s your role at Remnant Kings?

“I’m a sales advisor and I’m based in the new flagship store in Howard St, Glasgow. I specialise in helping clients with their home design needs as I’m a trained seamstress with a passion for home interiors.”

How long have you worked there?

“I joined Remnant Kings in 2017.”

What do you love about your job?

“I studied fashion and design at university and have always loved working with fabrics. My career has led me into a more sale-based role over the years but when I joined the team at Remnant Kings I was able to combine my love of textiles with a sales focused position so I get the best of both worlds. We have a really diverse mix of clients and I love getting to know our customers and helping them create their visions for their homes. Because I am a trained seamstress I can quickly advise on the right styles, linings and designs for their curtains and blinds from the outset and then I work closely with our workshop team to ensure everything is made to the exact specifications of each and every client.”

Can you explain the process for a customer who comes to you with a made to measure order?

“Myself or one of the sales team work with the client to process the order. We go through a list of questions at the initial consultation to establish their lifestyle, style of their home, taste and budget. It’s then up to us to present them with suggestions of fabrics that match their requirements. We have such a huge selection that it’s very rare we can’t find what the client is looking for.

We can either take the measurements direct from the client or carry out a home visit to measure up ourselves and make any additional recommendations. Following this the order is placed with our workshop and our team of talented seamstresses will hand make the curtains in our workroom. The curtains are made using machines and hand finished to ensure every product is of the highest quality and specifications. We also offer a fitting service for clients.”

How long does it take to make an average pair of curtains / blinds?

“We don’t rush the process to ensure that all curtains and blinds are made to the highest of standards. Our usual turnaround time is 3 – 5 weeks (should this be up to 6) depending on fabric and lining selected by the client.”

What’s the most popular style of curtains?

“The most popular style at the moment is the Wave curtain — it’s modern and understated and works with so many fabrics.”

How important is choosing lining for your curtains?

“Very! For lots of different reason. Mainly it can provide that extra layer that will help your curtain drape and adds weight. From a practical point of view they also help blackout light which is especially important in children’s rooms and nurseries. We also have a great selection of linings available to suit all budgets.”

What other pieces do you make for customers?

“We get lots of requests for coordinating cushions which we can also make in our workroom and are always happy to work alongside clients to help create a full look in a room, ie bespoke fabric covered headboards and pelmets.”

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