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Today we're sharing a make for the fashionista in you!  We've been noticing a lot of lace-hemmed tops on the high street lately and knew we had the perfect selection of lace trims to make our own version!
 1. Sandro 2. Topshop 3.River Island
What you need:
1x camisole or top (we picked up ours in Primark for £4.00)
2m of lace trim, shop our selection here or instore
needle and thread (we've kept it easy, no machine required!)
How to:
Find the side-seam of your top and use this as a starting point for your trim.  Start with a securing stitch to the top before stitching through the lace.  Another securing stitch through the lace & top combined and you'll have a good anchor point.
Align the lace along the hem on the inside of the top, ideally you want the lace to be edge to edge with the stitching line.
Using a slip stitch, stitch along the hemline through one layer of the hem so the stitches are hidden on the outside.
When you reach the side seam you started at, secure the lace in place and that's it!
It's a quick and easy update to a plain cami or top that's on trend for this spring.  It might still be cold outside, but there's no reason we can't start thinking about spring and summer makes!
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