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If you’ve been out on the highstreet recently, you’ll have noticed that there’s a lot of Scuba fabric available this season.  One of the most popular garments made from this is the ever-popular body-con skirt.  Today we’re showing how you can make your own using our new scuba prints available online and in store.   
 Following the few easy steps below you’ll be able to impress with your on-trend make and stand out from the crowd of highstreet options!

What you need:
0.7m of Scuba print fabric (you can shop our full range here or in store)
1m elastic
Matching thread
Stretch needles

How to:

Take both your waist and hip measurements as these will determine your cutting out.  We’ve used one of our mannequins with a tiny waist so don’t be put off by these measurements!

Use these measurements to draw out the following shape on to tracing paper or newspaper:

We’ve went for a midi skirt at 65cm long, but for something shorter, just measure from your waist to the point you’d like it to end.  The hem should be slightly tapered to allow for a closer fit.

Transfer this shape to your fabric.  As we want it to be a snug fit, don’t add anything for seam allowances.

Cut out 2 of these shapes and get ready to sew!

Sew up both side seams using a narrow 1cm allowance using a stretch stitch.

Hem the bottom of the skirt.

To add the elastic to the waist, cut a piece of elastic slightly smaller than your waist measurement.
Sew a top hem over the fabric wide enough for the elastic to be fed through, leaving a section open to do this.
Feed the elastic through the ‘tube’ you’ve now made and secure the ends of the elastic together.
Finally close the tube you stitched and that’s it!

Super-simple but really effective and would make a perfect skirt for a Christmas party of big night out.

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